Elevenheimer Group LLC is a privately held boutique wealth management firm and hedge funds sponsor, with strong investment banking capabilities. Our wealth management niche caters for emerging retail and family offices clients; while our investment banking and global macro strategies are designed for private enterprises and governments.

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Enhance Wealth & Legacy™

Investment Banking

We advise and structure advisory-based financial transactions on behalf of individuals, public and private corporations, and governments. Our investment banking expertise covers underwriting of debt & equity, advisory on mergers & acquisitions (M&A), trading, and funds mobilization; with our niche market focusing on securities underwriting and transactions advisory.

Hedge Fund Management

The Legacy Global Macro Fund and the Vegan Equity Fund are our sponsored hedge funds. However, we also advise outside fund managers regarding active fund management, investment portfolio selections, quantitative analytics, and risks management. Our advisory clients are managers of pension funds, endowment funds, sovereign wealth funds as well as private Family Offices.

Global Macro Strategies

Our position and timely access give us proprietary business intelligence and analytics of global macroeconomics, financial markets, and overall economic principles and political views of various countries. We advise private and public enterprises, family offices, governments, and NGO agencies on strategic management strategies and global macro business models.

Enhance Wealth & Legacy™

Our wealth management goal is that all of your legal, financial and investment advisers as well as wealth managers work together for your best outcomes. As coordinator of your investment and wealth management process, we will work with you to create and implement a strategy that is appropriate to your unique need.

In this way, we help you harness the power of the professionals who know your investment objectives the best.

  • Elevenheimer with Your Estate Attorney

Collaborating on Estate planning, philanthropic giving and all finer points associated with multi-generational wealth transfer and Trust administration.

  • Elevenheimer with Your Investment Adviser

Working closely to make sure that Family Offices wealth management is carefully balanced with managed risks and tax-advantaged investment strategies.

  • Elevenheimer with Your Portfolio Manager

Collaborate with your institution’s fund manager, the board and internal analysts to craft and implement customized investment and asset allocation policies which align with the need of your organization’s mission.

We believe in leveraging the collective intelligence of all your professional advisers to:

  • Encourage and guide your comprehensive investment process
  • Be your partners in achieving  your sustainable investing goals
  • Enhance Wealth & Legacy™