Elevenheimer Group is a privately held alternative investments firm specializing in global macro investment strategy; with impact investing philosophy. In addition to advocating for impact investments and social responsibility, our strategy & policy advisory unit also provides strategic investment and global macro advisory services to select private foundations and governments.

Elevenheimer Group LLC

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We invest in discretionary long/short, global macro, and systematic strategies. Both our Legacy and Vegan funds are privately held; closed to the general investing public. Elevenheimer’s strategy and policy advisory unit also dedicates time and resources to promoting global thought leadership and enhancing sustainable wealth and legacy.

  • Legacy Fund

Legacy Fund invests in global equities, stock indices, fixed-income securities, currency, interest rates, and derivatives – following global macro investment strategy. Dubbed as the “go anywhere, do anything” strategy; global macro allows the fund to take long/short positions anywhere in the world based on macroeconomics, geopolitical views and events, global markets imbalances, business cycles, central banks monetary policies, and growth models of emerging markets.

  • Vegan Fund

Vegan Fund’s investment strategy focuses on avoiding investments in companies whose activities directly contribute to animal suffering, destruction of the natural environment and climate change. Vegan Fund’s mission is to dedicate its capital and other resources to making investments in organic, fresh produce, farming for healthy human diets, to take animal products out of human food chain, to advocate for environmental and animal conservation, and to promote use of clean energy.

  • Strategy & Policy

Our position and timely access give us proprietary business intelligence and analytics of global macroeconomics, financial markets, and overall economic principles and political views of various countries. By leveraging on our strong investment banking and advisory capabilities, our strategy and policy unit advises private and public enterprises, foundations, and emerging markets governments on strategic investment decisions, business models, and global macro policies.