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Wealth Continuity

Our preliminary financial due diligence process consists of interviewing our clients. We make sure we have a clear understanding of the present value of their investable assets and wealth, where they would like to be in the long run; then we go to work for them. Our advisory process is also tailored to make all efforts to achieve assets’ long-term growth and most importantly wealth continuity; ultimately that is the legacy for our clients, their subsidiaries and families’ generations to come. For many institutional investors and sole proprietor business owners, the long-term legacy is tied to their businesses; so taking advantage of available timely alternative investment opportunities and diversification approaches is critical to achieving the long-term wealth goals.

For high-net-worth individuals’ wealth continuity, our investment professionals work closely with outside estate and tax planning partners to help our clients develop a succession plan and reduce transfer taxes. We offer services beyond just traditional wealth management by going the extra mile to guide you to the right service providers such as trust and estate planning attorneys, tax professionals, money training for the kids’ et cetera

Community Matters

The people of Elevenheimer are proud to contribute to society in a wide variety of ways and the firm is committed to providing opportunities for them to give back to communities. We offer volunteer opportunities and resources, and match eligible employee donations to charitable causes.

We also believe in financial literacy for all. In addition to our investment management and advisory process, we allocate extra time to educate our clients and prospects on other aspects of financial literacy and planning. This extra time, otherwise billable, is part of numerous hours we dedicate to this cause. Our team of investment professionals travel places to provide free investment seminars to a wide range of demographics and event gatherings such as charity events, diverse members of organized diaspora groups, early career professionals, young middle-income families, retirees and small business owners in order to help them make educated and sound financial decisions in their daily lives.