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Venture Capital

Our private equity solutions unit works closely with a range of  venture capital firms whose niche focuses on emerging markets value-add. By banking on our access, our understanding of global macro policies, financial markets dynamics, and different political views of various countries; we help VC firms identify the main sources of value-add provided by their specific area of focus, as well as the main risks their investment ventures face.

In addition to providing consults on typical EBITDA and multiple expansion strategies, we help our VC clients identify custom sources of value-add. Whether it is domain expertise, execution, and/or go-to-market; our PE solutions unit has proven to be a reliable source for our clients.

  • Domain Expertise
  • Execution
  • Go-To-Market

Growth Equity & Buyout

Our diverse background, combined with proprietary business intelligence and analytics, allow us to maintain forward-looking, yet locally relevant, global macro outlooks; which is very important to various emerging markets growth equity firms. Our growth equity clients invest in small but growing companies, ideally those with revenues and high EBITDA growth rates.

Our PE solutions unit also provides expert consults to buyout PE firms in order to help them identify companies that have established stable growth and maturity and connecting with those companies, researching the companies, their management, and the market; and making the right offer, or putting together deal terms that address the needs of both the management, existing shareholders, and the new buyout investor. The value-add here is to advise on operational improvements and facilitating investments that the companies  haven’t been able to make due to constraints in capital such as internal improvements or mergers and acquisitions.

  • Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Closing