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Investment Banking

We advise, structure and lead advisory-based financial transactions on behalf of individuals, public and private corporations, governments and their affiliated agencies. Our investment banking expertise covers both equity and debt financing models with our niche area focusing on private equity financing, merger and acquisitions, and venture capital.

Fund Management

The Legacy Fund remains our primary in-house privately held hedge fund. However, we also actively advise outside fund managers on matters of active fund management, investment selections, portfolio construction and risks management. Our clients in this aspect are managers of pension funds, endowment funds, sovereign wealth funds as well as private Family Offices.

Global Macro Strategies

Our position, background and timely access give us proprietary analytics of global macroeconomics, financial markets and overall economic principles and political view of various countries. We advise global private and public corporations, private clients, governments, and not-for-profit agencies on matters of financial markets and global macroeconomic business models.