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Elevenheimer provides custom investment advice and fund management services to a wide range of institutional clients including high-net-worth family offices, public and private pension funds, insurance companies, savings institutions, closed- and open-end investment companies, charitable foundations, endowments, pension plans, and other corporate clients. Every investment plan is established to fulfill a unique liability or need of an organization’s mission. We combine market wisdom, technological savvy, personalized planning, and structured advice to help clients achieve their specific goals.


We choose to place asset allocation as the centerpiece of our investment process. Our decision-making framework is focused on long-term investment policy actions which extend beyond traditional asset classes of equities and fixed income, and into different geographies, strategies, risk factors, and investment styles. A bias towards equities can increase returns, while diversification is used to reduce risk. Our approach to diversification focuses not only on asset classes and geography but on seeking out assets that are diverse in their return drivers.




While our clients have wide-ranging needs, they all look for a trusted and responsible partner to help meet their goals in alignment with the mission of the organizations they serve. We help institutions deliver all aspects of investment consulting from strategy development and investment research to reporting and oversight.

Working together with your advisor, we take an objective, unbiased approach, tailor our guidance and services to each specific need, and can work with you during all stages of the relationship.